Couscous stuffed with pepperoni

Couscous stuffed with pepperoni

Couscous is a classic in Brazilian cuisine! This fiber-rich food is very versatile and very tasty! For many, it is a perfect dish for breakfast, but some argue that couscous serves as a meal for any time of the day. In addition, couscous is part of several special celebrations! Perfect to compose the table at the June festivities, since it is derived from corn, a cereal that is present in many other preparations!

Preparing the couscous is very simple, as it is enough to hydrate the flaked corn flour with water and salt, allowing it to rest for a few minutes and then take it to steam in the couscous. Depending on the region of the country, their preparation, as well as side dishes, may vary but, in the end, any variation is wonderful! In the version that we are going to present here, the couscous is steamed stuffed with sautéed pepperoni sausage with onion! With the presence of rennet cheese and the green smell, we will make this dish even more irresistible!

Now let's follow this delicious recipe of couscous stuffed with pepperoni with the photos of the step by step here on TudoReceitas?

Ingredients for making Couscous stuffed with pepperoni:


 3 cups of flaked cornmeal

 1½ cups of filtered water (to hydrate the floc)

 1 teaspoon of salt


 1 pepperoni sausage (about 200 grams)

 1 large chopped onion

 150 grams of curd cheese (grated)

 2 tablespoons butter

 green smell (to taste)

How to make couscous stuffed with pepperoni:

Start by separating the ingredients needed to prepare the recipe. Cut the pepperoni sausage into slices, in the shape of a half moon or, if you prefer, cut it into cubes.

Tip: the cornmeal we are using is flake, to guarantee a softer couscous!

Hydrate the corn flake with 1 and a half cups of filtered water, then add the salt.

Mix everything with a spoon and let the dough rest to hydrate for at least 15 minutes.

Tip: make sure the point of the dough is correct by taking a portion in your hand. Squeeze it and see if it's still brittle or if it's already firmer by releasing a little water. The one in the photo is the right hydration point.

While the couscous dough is resting, prepare the pepperoni filling. In a frying pan, heat the butter and sauté the sliced ​​or cubed pepperoni with the chopped onion until lightly browned. Reserve.

In a couscous or steam pan, place half of the couscous pasta (without pressing) and then add the sautéed pepperoni sausage.

Tip: do not press the couscous on the couscous, to ensure that the dish is moist and soft.

Cover the layer of sautéed pepperoni with a green smell and then with grated rennet cheese.

Tip: if you don't have curd cheese, substitute another cheese of your choice.

Finish by covering everything with the rest of the flaked couscous mass. Close the pan and wait for the steam to escape from the side of the lid. From there, let it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Then turn off the fire.

Carefully unmold the stuffed couscous and transfer to a serving plate. If you like, decorate with more grated rennet cheese and moisten with butter!

Your couscous stuffed with pepperoni and cheese is ready to be served and will be very successful in the June festivities and beyond! We hope you enjoyed the recipe and have a good appetite!

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